Dismas Charities Corporate Regional Vice President Chosen As Keynote Speaker


Regional Vice President Joe Driver was the keynote speaker at a National Correctional Workers Week ceremony at FCI Three Rivers in Texas. On May 5, 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first-ever weeklong observance “to recognize the exemplary public service of all Correctional personnel, regardless of their professional affiliation (federal, state, county, private),” Driver said. Many correctional organizations pay tribute to their own fallen heroes and those nationally each year during this time. “The period includes celebrations, tributes and other activities designed to build camaraderie, family and a renewed focus of the vital job we do as professionals,” Driver added. As one of the former wardens of Three Rivers, Driver was asked to speak and recognize the 26 fallen Bureau of Prisons officers “and to highlight the vital job we have done since our existence since 1930.”

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