Dismas Charities El Paso Director Published In Community Corrections Textbook

El Paso Director Yvette Colorado has been cited as an authority on residential re-entry systems with her views published in a collegelevel textbook. The 12th Edition of Community-Based Corrections by Leanne Fiftal Alarid, provides an introduction to the theory, evidence-based practices, and latest research in community-based corrections. Students learn about supervision techniques and treatment programs that constitute alternatives to incarceration, including probation, parole, electronic monitoring, problemsolving, courts, residential facilities, therapeutic communities, restitution, fines and other options. Colorado’s contribution describes the many ways Dismas Charities insures the success for its residents, including the belief that everyone deserves a second chance. The 412-page tome, according to the website, “gives you a hands-on, real-world look at the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for a career in community corrections.” Alarid, a Professor and Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Texas at El Paso, has authored over 60 journal articles and book chapters and authored or edited eight books. Although previously published, this is Colorado’s first effort incorporated in a textbook.

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