Dismas Charities El Paso Holds Big Back-to-School Event

During a Back to School Reunification event at the El Paso facility, over 30 El Paso resident’s children received free school supplies donated by the Dismas staff and student interns. Each child received a back pack with notebooks, paper, binders, markers, crayons, pencils, pens, pencil bag, erasers and glue. The children also received a pillow and a quilted blanket for nap time, donated by Ronald McDonald House. Residents wrote a note to each of their children wishing them a good school year and telling them how much they’ve missed them. Everyone enjoyed food, games, music, and arts and crafts. “A BIG thank you to all of the El Paso Team and our student interns for their donations and making this event possible,” said Director Yvette Colorado. “Thank you to our new partners at the Ronald McDonald House for the beautiful quilted blankets and pillows.”

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