Dismas Charities Lubbock Thanks Teachers For Service

During a mid-January Community Relations Board meeting, the Lubbock program held a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon to say thank you to teachers who have voluntarily and collectively performed over 300 hours of education for the residents. Classes included budgeting/banking, employment search skills, health education, parenting, maintaining a healthy home, domestic violence, and transitional life skills. “As we focus on re-establishing community ties and family relations for our residents, volunteers and teachers alike are the best foundation to help with this cause,” said Director Kathryn Sanchez. “Our teachers have provided our residents with real life examples and they teach them to improve upon themselves each and every day. It is with great accomplishment that our residents succeed – all with the continuous help of our teachers and volunteers that come in each month.” From left holding personalized trophies awarded for their efforts are Tamika Riley, from Methodist Church’s Home; Jennifer Goodwin, with Goodwill; Abbie Garcia, also with the Church’s Home; Rhonda Guthrie, with Wells Fargo; Madeline McClure, with the Lubbock Health Department, and Tonya Bonner, a licensed professional counselor. Not pictured are Charles Speer, with Healthy Home, and Steven Garcia, from Women’s Protective Services.

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