A Message from Dismas Charities President/CEO

2014 has held many shining moments for Dismas Charities, and perhaps none more prideful than the honor of celebrating 50 years of life. With this milestone anniversary year, we have taken a respectful and loving look back at our Founder Father William Diersen, whose compassion and humility brought significant social change enabling the work we continue today.

Our celebration has also provided each of us the opportunity to reflect anew on the core values and beliefs that are the heart and soul of Dismas. We are reminded of the privilege to be among a workforce that is making a positive difference in the lives of others. As responsible stewards we accept the diversity of humankind and enter each day fueled by the knowledge that within each of us is the capacity for change. While we have spent a good many hours reminiscing about those whose vision set a solid foundation from which to build, we have also gathered together to celebrate the present and prepare for the future. As you will see from our stories, our beliefs are reflected in community outreach.

Dismas staff have participated in numerous activities to bring awareness, enlightenment and healing. Whether these efforts provide supplies, clothing, shoes and support to school children or give energy to veterans’ events, memorials and other projects, there is inspiration in the peace, hope and good will that ensues. We recognize the power of education, structure, responsibility and accountability in the day-to-day process of restoration. Likewise, our partnerships with law enforcement agencies, community colleges and industry colleagues endeavor to bring the best and brightest ideas and innovations to fruition.

While many changes have occurred over the course of five decades, the founding Values and Beliefs of Dismas have held consistently true. We are a vibrant organization, striving to be the best of the best. May the guiding light and energy of Healing the Human Spirit continue to shine brightly forward.

Happy New Year!

Raymond J. Weis


Dismas Charities, Inc.