‘Covidnator’ Strikes Fear In Hearts Of Germs; “Once Again, Dismas Charities Leads The Way”

It’s nickname is the “Covidnator”, but it’s title – the Apache Tomahawk 2000 UVC Germicidal Light Tower – is much more impressive. And Dismas Charities has two of them to help the organization fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The portable Ultraviolent Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) light tower, pictured above between National Risk Manager Tony Davenport (left) and Regional Vice President Joe Driver, is designed to sanitize an entire dormitory or other space using a sophisticated germ-killing lighting mechanism. Davenport, who along with Driver, received special training on the operation of the device in mid-May, said a deep hand-cleaning of all hard surfaces with a bleach solution, must follow its application. “UVGI has been effective in hospitals and other sterile settings for more than 50 years but very new to our setting,” Davenport said. “Once again Dismas Charities leads the way.”

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