Dismas Charities Greensboro Extends A Hand Of Compassion


Greensboro is blessed to have a community agency that provides housing assistance, medical care, daily showers, a location to receive mail, and a cadre of other services to meet the needs of the homeless in the community, reports Dismas Director Dale Cauble. The Interactive Resource Center (IRC) also extends their services to Dismas residents and has developed an on-going relationship with the facility’s staff. As an expression of gratitude and to share with the community, the staff compiled a number of toiletry bags and presented them to the IRC in mid-March to help meet the needs of the homeless. From left are Mia Dixon, IRC Day Room Coordinator, Dismas Social Services Coordinator Sharon Bell, Word Processor Theresa Grant, IRC Development Director Shana Carignan, Case Man-ager Elizabeth Gainey, Employment Specialist Curtis Wallace and Cauble.

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