Dismas Charities Sioux City Staff Attend Client Management Training


Staff from Sioux City are involved in an intensive training program to help in client management and response to their needs. The training, specifically designed for Directors, Counselors and U.S. Probation Officers, is intended to focus on the behavior of the resident and not the outcome, to help them identify certain behaviors, and effectively reinforce positive and pro-social behavior for a more successful outcome – ultimately to avoid re-incarceration. Sessions include Role Clarification, Effective Use of Authority, Disapproval, Punishment, and Reinforcement. Conducted by Federal USPO Dustin Lutgen, attendees of the STARR program (Staff Training Aimed at Reducing Re-Arrest) are (from left) Counselors Trevor Risdal and Jessie Christopherson, Director Robyn Deacon, Lutgen, and Social Services Coordinator Eric Smith.

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