What Our Resident’s Say…


    The following letter, in his own words, was received from Tupelo Resident James Norfleet who has shown remarkable success in employment and impacting other residents in a very positive way.


First and foremost I would like to start by saying I thank God for making me the man I am today; taking me and molding me to what he wants me to be for his Glory. I would also like to thank Dismas Charities, for accepting me into their program and giving me a newstart in life. I’m grateful for the staff members here especially (Social Services Coordinator Keri) Dykes, (Counselor Jerry) Traylor, (Director Tina) Johnson and (Rose) Barefield, my probation officer. These individuals have taught me that with determination, hard work and following the rules I can be successful. Being here and interacting with other people I realize we all make mistakes but with God and perseverance we can change. Being at Dismas Charities has allowed me the opportunity to be a Supervisor at Tupelo Recycling. The first day I went there, I worked really hard because I wanted to impress them. Even though I knew it was a one-day assignment, I still put my best foot forward. When I return back to Dismas Charities one day and received the message that Tupelo Recycling wanted me to be a supervisor there, I was overjoyed. Being at Tupelo Recycling has shown me that I can be a productive citizen. There I see opportunities to advance and improve my skills. One thing I am most thankful for is the new relationship that I have with my Pastor Willie Wilson, and the New Life Community Church. My pastor has embraced me and took me under his teaching and it has changed my life tremendously. I am now an assistant to my pastor. Because of the relationship my pastor and I have, he takes time out of his schedule to teach Bible Study here at Dismas Charities on Sundays and arranged transportation for me and others to attend New Life Church. This is the church that I believe that I can grow as a minister and a man mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. One of my most favorite scriptures is “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” And being a part of this church family I am more convinced that there is nothing I can’t do with Christ.

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