Dismas Charities Clarksburg Begins Food And Nutrition Class

In partnership with the West Virginia University Extension Service, the Clarksburg program has begun a nine-week course in food preparation and nutrition. The class, held as part of the services’ Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program through the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is held weekly and involves hands-on educational opportunities for residents who prepare and cook an affordable meal, eaten later by the attendees. Each resident is given a copy of the recipe and a free kitchen item they earned for attending the free class taught by Extension Agent Jeanette Cool. Residents can attend any or all classes and earn Life Skills credit. “Staff received positive feedback from the residents as a refresher in home cooking and a tasty, affordable recipe,” said Director Emily Gillispie. Below Residents Jason Russell and Robert Crenshaw prepare a portion of the upcoming meal. Above Residents Timothy Cavender (left) and James Fisher cook the final product.

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