Employers of Residents

Employers Of Dismas Residents Report Positive Outcomes

In its effort to help residents secure employment, every Dismas Center of Service works with local companies to promote the hiring of its men and women. Companies around almost every Dismas Center look to Dismas for workers who are hardworking, committed and cooperative. In the video below is what just two employers say about hiring Dismas residents.

You will hear that each employer praises Dismas residents as workers. Employers around the nation look to Dismas as a valuable resource for talented, skilled employees with know-how and a good work ethic.

Whether employers need part-time, seasonal or full-time workers, they can depend on Dismas Charities to send them workers who are hardworking, conscientious, and willing to get the job done right.

If you are looking for workers please contact your nearest Dismas Center of Service, ask for the Director and tell them of your need for workers. To locate the nearest Dismas Center of Service click here. Or for information on how to contact us at the home office click here. Thank you.

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