Our Mission

Our Mission

This video traces Dismas Charities last
50 years of service.

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of the Archdiocese of Louisville recorded the video below as a greeting to those attending the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Dismas Charities held in August 2014. His message of hope and encouragement is timeless.

We believe that Healing the Human Spirit of individuals, changes
communities and the world. This is our energy source for how we
define, create and operate our re-entry centers. As our Founder, Father William Diersen inspired us: “It’s hard for somebody who’s failed to get up if you’re walking on top of them. You’d be surprised sometime if you reach down, give a helping hand, and maybe ask: ‘How’d you fall? How can I help? Well let’s try this again.’ ”

We focus on healing that spirit through forgiveness and restoration
and on partnering with communities where we have facilities.
Through targeted programming, our residents become responsible,
productive employees and taxpaying citizens helping local businesses and
economies improve.

Our services are needed now more than ever. Dismas solutions
are an affordable option to incarceration and help return offenders
to their families and communities more quickly and effectively.

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