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  • 15th Day Event Was “Berry” Educational
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  • 50 Years of Healing of Healing the Human Spirit


Dismas Charities, Inc. (DCI) is a national company committed to reducing victimization in communities by providing effective evidence based re-entry programs for offenders.
Dismas operates as Diersen Charities in New Mexico and Tennessee.
  • We are one of the largest, not-for-profit providers of residential effective evidence based re-entry services in the United States.
  • We have been designing and operating re-entry centers longer than anyone else in the industry – nearly 50 years. As a result, our project delivery system is time-tested, reliable, flexible and cost-efficient.
  • Our leadership in the industry has led to the creation of programs, services and technology, such as our resident accountability monitoring system that integrates information and technology in a way that no other organization offers.
  • We are blessed to be governed by a dedicated, volunteer Board of Directors.
  • We are unique in our industry because we offer this kind of system at each of our facilities, improving the accountability of our residents in the communities we serve.

We are unwaveringly committed to our fellow man. Our motto is Healing the Human Spirit and we’ve been doing just that for nearly 50 years.

We believe that Healing the Human Spirit changes individuals, communities and the world. This is our energy source for how we define, create and operate our re-entry centers. As our Founder, Father William Diersen inspired us: “It’s hard for somebody who’s failed to get up if you’re walking on top of them. You’d be surprised sometime if you reach down, give a helping hand, and maybe ask: ‘How’d you fall? How can I help? Well let’s try this again.’ ”

We focus on healing that spirit through forgiveness and restoration and on partnering with communities where we have facilities. Through targeted programming, offenders become responsible, productive employees and help local businesses and economies improve, as our residents once again become taxpayers.

Our services are needed more now than ever. Dismas solutions are an affordable option to incarceration for appropriate offenders and help return them to their families and communities more quickly and effectively.

We have an 80 percent successful completion rate.

You’re invited to learn more about Dismas – our programs, centers, history, staff and perhaps most importantly, what others say about us. We are committed to reducing victimization in communities by providing effective programs for offenders and making your community safer.